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O.A.R’s mission is to leave the smallest carbon footprint.

OTAC Agricultural Recycling (O.A.R) collects clean cut trees, plants, and pruning material from Residential, Landscapers and Tree companies which reduces green waste in our landfills. O.A.R recycles the raw timber to produce a usable end product. The production of wood is used as energy in a beneficial way to save on electricity. 

O.A.R (OTAC Agricultural Recycling) is a certified Green company registered with Georgia Forestry and APHIS certified that offers affordable recycling solutions. 

O.A.R is a family-owned business serving all of Georgia AND SURROUNDING STATES since 2012. OTAC Agricultural Recycling takes natural resources and repurposes it for a greater use for the environment.

Did you know wood is cleaner than coal, and less expensive?

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